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XK6140 CNC vertical milling machine

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XK6140 CNC vertical milling machine
XK6140 CNC vertical milling machine specifications:
Specifications Units XK6140
Table travel (X/Y/Z) mm 920*380*350
Table size mm 400*1700
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 3-18-90
Max. load of table kg 500
Distance from spindle axis to table mm 60~370
Distance from column vertical guide way to the center of table mm 275~625
X/Y/Z Rapid feed speed mm/min 5000/3000/4000
X/Y/Z Feed speed Mm/min 3-3000
Taper of spindle   ISO50(7:24)
Spindle speed range rpm 30-1500(18 levels)
Spindle motor power KW 11
Longitudinal, transverse feed motor torque(X/Z) N.M. 12
Vertical feed motor torque(Y) N.M. 22
Max. spindle torque N.M. 1000
Overall dimension mm 2550*2200*2390
Machine weight kg 3850

Standard configuration: HNC-18Im CNC system
Optional configuration: FANUC 0i mate – MD
                   GSK 980M CNC system
                   KND 1000Ⅱ CNC system

Machine Features:
1.CNC horizontal lifting platform milling machine rigidity is good, can bear heavy load cutting work.
2. CNC horizontal lifting platform milling machine have sufficient power and wide range of spindle speed. High speed cutting can be in progress by using hard alloy cutter, and bring into play the biggest effect that the tools have.
3. The spindle speed has impulse device, easy to change speed, the machine can quickly and effectively brake in progress.
4. The important transmission parts of the machine are made of alloy steel, easy to worn-out parts are made of wear-resistant materials, and guide rail, plastic paste ensures that the machine has enough service life.
5. CNC horizontal lifting platform milling machine’s three direction movements all have position limiting device to ensure the safety of machine tools and operating workers, but also can be used as a multi machine management.
6. CNC horizontal lifting platform milling machine has a perfect lubrication system, an important drive parts and bearing of shafts all have perfect lubrication device. At the same time, the indicator set to conduct regular inspection.
7. Good reliability, economical and practical, the price function ratio is better.

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