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CK6166 flate bed CNC lathe machine

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CK6166 flate bed CNC lathe machine
CK6166 flate bed CNC lathe machine specifications:
Specification CK6166
Max.swing over bed Ф660mm
Max.swing over carriage Ф380mm
Max. cutting length           750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm
Rail width 400mm
Spindle nose C6 (D8)
Spindle bore Ф86mm or Ф105mm
Taper of spindle bore Ф90mm 1:20 or Ф110mm 1:20
Chuck size 320mm
Range of spindle speed 21-1620rpm(I 162-1620 II 66-660 III 21-210)
X-axis travel 330mm
Z-axis travel 750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm
X/Z rapid speed 3/6m/min
X/Z screw 25/50mm
Electronic turret 4 or 6 or 8
Max.section of tool 25mm
Stroke of tailstock sleeve 150mm
Diameter/Hole of tailstock sleeve 75mm MT5
Main motor power 7.5kw
Coolant pump power 90w
Overall dimensions L x W x H 3120/3630/4630x1360x1630mm
Packing size L x W x H 3520/4030/5030x1760x2030mm
Net weight    2300/2450/2650/2880/3700kgs
Gross weight 2900/3050/3250/3450/4300kgs


Standard Accessories:
Cooling system
Auto-lubricating system
Work lamp
GSK-980TDc controller with feeding servo motor
4-Position electrical tool post
Unitary iron casting machine stand
Manual 3-jaw chuck

Optional Accessories:
GSK218M controller
Simens 808D controller
Simens 808D Advance controller
Fanuc Oi TF controller
6/8-Position electrical tool post
Hydraulic chuck
Bar Auto-feeding (KT-16 and KT-20)

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