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CA6140 6240 horizontal manual lathe machine

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CA6140 6240 horizontal manual lathe machine

CA6140 6240 horizontal manual lathe machine specifications:

CA6140/ 6240
CA6140B/ 6240B
CA6140C/ 6240C
Max. workpiece diameter bed 4000mm
Tool holder on the max workpiece diameter 210mm
Maximum workpiece length 750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm
Maximum workpiece weight 300kg
Bed width 400mm
Arbor cross section 25×25mm
Spindle Spindle speed range 10-1400rpm/16-1400 (24 steps)
Spindle bore 52/80/105mm
Spindle hole taper Mo. NO.6 (MT6) (Φ90 1:20) (Φ113 1:20)
Feeding The number of feeds 64 (kinds) (for each)
Metric thread (1-192mm) 44kinds (44 kinds)
British thread (1-24tpi) 21kinds (21 kinds)
Modulo thread 0.25-48 (Moudoule 39 kinds) (Modoule 39 kinds)
Diameter section thread 1-96DP(37 kinds) (37 kinds)
Tailstock Maximum spindle bed travel 150mm
Bed tail spindle diameter 75mm
Bed tail spindle hole taper Mo. NO.5 (MT5)
Main motor 7.5KW (10HP)
Packaging size (L×W×H)mm Overall dimensions for 750mm 2550*1140*1750
Overall dimensions for 1000mm 2700*1140*1750
Overall dimensions for 1500mm 3200*1140*1750
Overall dimensions for 2000mm 3700*1140*1750
Overall dimensions for 3000mm 4710*1140*1750
Weight (kg) Length G.W
Weight for 750mm 2100
Weight for 1000mm 2192
Weight for1500mm 2350
Weight for 2000mm 2720
Weight for 3000mm 3300

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