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5HW turret milling machine

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5HW turret milling machine

5HW turret milling machine specifications:
Specifications Units 5HW
Size of working table mm 1370x305
Table T slot number / widh /space mm 3x16
Working table stroke(X.Y.Z) mm 810/420/500
Distance spindle surface mm 500
Horizontal spindle to table top mm 0-300
Spindle speed range r/min vertical     80-5440(16rank)horizontal  45-1350(12 rank)
Taper of spindle hole   Vertical     R8/ISO40
Horizontal  ISO40
Spindle sleeve automatic feed mm/r 0.04/0.08/0.15
Horizontal spindle center to the cantilever plane distance mm 185
Main motor power KW Vertical     2.2
horizontal  3
Appearance size mm 1566x1650x2080
Gross Weight Kg 1850


The milling machine is a kind of universal light duty metal cutting machine,

Has two functions of vertical and horizontal milling, Milling medium, small parts of the plane, inclined plane, groove and spline, etc..

Widely used in mechanical processing, mold, equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

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