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Daily inspection and maintenance of CNC lathe

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Daily inspection and maintenance of CNC lathes
CNC lathe operators should perform corresponding inspections and maintenance on CNC lathes daily.
1. Check whether the oil quantity of each oil tank of the lubrication mechanism is normal, and turn on to check whether the lubrication system can work normally.
2. Check whether the oil quantity of each oil tank of the hydraulic mechanism is normal, and check whether the hydraulic system can work normally by starting up.
3. Check whether the amount of cutting fluid in the cooling tank is normal. Turn on and check whether the cutting fluid system can work normally.
4. Turn on the machine to check whether the CNC system is normal, whether each fan chip remover is running normally, and whether each pressure gauge value is normal.
5. Clear the iron filings and debris in the guide rail of the CNC lathe, and check whether there are scratches on the surface.
6. After the machine is turned on, it must be idling for a certain period of time to check whether it is operating normally. After completing the one-day machining task, turn off the CNC system of the CNC lathe, turn off the power of the lathe, and clean up the work place.

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