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Evaluation indicators of machine tool quality

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Measuring the quality of a machine tool is multifaceted, but it mainly requires good workmanship, serialization, generalization, high degree of standardization, simple structure, light weight, reliable work, and high productivity. The specific indicators are as follows:
1. Possibility of craftsmanship
Process possibility refers to the ability of the machine to adapt to different production requirements. General-purpose machine tools can complete a variety of parts in a certain size range with multiple processes, and the possibility of technology is relatively wide, so the structure is relatively complex, suitable for single-piece small-batch production. Special machine tools can only complete specific procedures of one or a few parts. Its process possibilities are narrow and suitable for mass production. It can improve productivity, guarantee processing quality, simplify machine tool structure, and reduce machine tool costs.
2.Accuracy and surface roughness
To ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined parts, the machine tool itself must have certain geometric accuracy, motion accuracy, transmission accuracy and dynamic accuracy.
Geometric accuracy refers to the mutual position accuracy of parts and the shape accuracy and position accuracy of main parts when the machine tool is not running. The geometric accuracy of the machine tool has an important influence on the machining accuracy, so it is the main index for evaluating the accuracy of the machine tool.
Motion accuracy refers to the geometric position accuracy of the main parts when the machine tool is operating at the working speed. The greater the change in geometric position, the lower the motion accuracy.
Transmission accuracy refers to the coordination and uniformity of movement between the end effectors of the machine tool transmission chain.
The above three accuracy indicators are tested under no-load conditions. In order to fully reflect the performance of the machine tool, it is necessary to require the machine tool to have a certain dynamic accuracy and the shape and position accuracy of the main components under the action of temperature rise. The main factors affecting dynamic accuracy are the stiffness, vibration resistance and thermal deformation of the machine tool.
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